Uche Ogbodo laments about the challenges women face in marriage due to her husband's behavior
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Actress, Uche Ogbodo, recently shared a funny video of herself and her husband, Bobby Maris, on social media where he was seen devouring a sumptuous plate of goat head and refusing to share with her. When she attempted to take some, he licked her fingers to prevent her from tasting it. Despite her efforts to persuade him, he remained unyielding, leading Uche Ogbodo to conclude that her husband was stingy. In response to the situation, she took to social media to complain about her husband's behavior and lamented that women go through a lot in marriage.

In the video shared on her Instagram page, Uche Ogbodo wrote, “Never knew I married a stingy man until today. Oh God! This thing Called Marriage! 😩… Women are really going through a lot.“

This is not the first time Uche Ogbodo has shared a hilarious exchange between her and her husband, Bobby Maris, on social media. In a previous video, which she also shared on her Instagram page, the mother of two captured her husband rejecting the food she prepared for him because she refused to get intimate with him the night before. When Uche Ogbodo tried to persuade him to eat breakfast, Bobby Maris remained unchanged and asked her to get her hands off him when she tried to touch him. In response to his behavior, Uche Ogbodo wrote, “Why would a husband reject his wife’s food? @bobbymaris S3x is not enough to reject your breakfast nah.”

Fans and followers of Uche Ogbodo found the videos hilarious, and they expressed their amusement in the comment section of her Instagram page. The videos have also sparked conversations on social media about the challenges women face in marriage and the importance of mutual respect and understanding between partners.