Sophia Momodu reveals why Davido stopped paying their daughter's school fees
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Sophia Momodu, ex-partner of Davido, has filed a counter-affidavit in response to Davido’s lawsuit seeking custody of their daughter. This legal dispute has garnered significant attention, shedding light on the complexities of their co-parenting relationship.

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Momodu alleges that Davido has neglected his financial responsibilities towards their child, including failing to pay school fees, and only shows interest in visiting their daughter when he wants to use her for media stunts. These allegations have added fuel to the already heated custody battle, with both parties presenting their sides of the story.

Sophia Momodu and daughter, Imade.

Momodu claims that Davido’s requests for visitation are often conditional upon her agreeing to sexual favors, and that he has a history of abandoning their daughter when she refuses. She further alleges that Davido threw her and their daughter out of his Atlanta home in 2017, leaving them to squat with a friend.

The respondent argues that she has been solely responsible for their daughter’s care and accommodation, and that Davido has not been a consistent presence in their daughter’s life. She also disputes Davido’s claim that he has been faithful in paying school fees, stating that he defaulted in 2021 and 2022, and that his father intervened to pay the fees in 2023.

Momodu further states that she has never denied Davido access to their daughter, but that he has chosen to be an absentee father. She also alleges that Davido’s visits are often at odd hours, and that he uses their daughter for publicity stunts, adding to the strain in their relationship.

The court hearing was held on Friday, with Momodu’s legal team, led by Chief (Dr) Anthony Idigbe (SAN), drawing attention to the publication of a hearing notice in a national newspaper, which mentioned their daughter’s name four times. This issue was highlighted as a significant breach of privacy and safety.

The judge agreed that the child’s name should not be mentioned, and referred the case to the Alternative Dispute Resolution section for possible settlement. Momodu’s legal team also referenced the Child’s Rights Law of Lagos State 2015, which prohibits the publication of a child’s name in a matter before the court.

The team argued that the publication of the suit in a national newspaper has exposed their daughter to danger, and that extra security measures will be necessary to ensure her safety. This aspect of the case underscores the broader implications of the legal battle on the child's well-being.

Davido responded on Instagram, stating that all he wants is joint parenting, and expressing displeasure at Momodu’s references to the death of his son, who passed away in 2022. He also clarified that joint custody would allow both parents access to their daughter, while sole custody would grant only one parent access.

(Source: Punch News)