Some influencers endorse Peter Obi for business reasons, not because they truly believe in him - Suzan Ade Coker
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Suzan Ade Coker, of Rant HQ, has taken a swipe at Nigerians who easily believe everything they hear from influencers. In a recent social media post, she accused many influencers of not believing what they say, but rather playing into people’s emotions and telling them what they want to hear just to stay on the side of the loud majority and continue selling their brands.

Coker went on to say that some influencers endorse political candidates such as Peter Obi simply for business reasons and not because they truly believe in the candidate. She did not call out any particular influencer, but noted that some of them know how to use people and follow whatever the popular opinion is. She further explained that their appeal and alignment with people’s emotions make it easy for them to be used by politicians as well, especially those with weak emotions and perforated personalities.

Coker also revealed that some influencers were holed up at the Oriental Hotel during the recent Lagos shootings, while many of their followers were at the tollgate, adding that people need to realize that their suffering is somebody’s daily bread. She advised Nigerians to stop jumping on brands just because an influencer endorses a product, and to ask questions and think critically instead of blindly following popular opinion. She concluded by urging people to use the round thing on top of their necks for more than just identification purposes.