Some actresses came for prostitution, not acting - Dave Ogbeni
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Actor Dave Ogbeni shared his thoughts on the female actresses in the movie industry. According to him, not all of them came to act but some came for prostitution. The actor expressed his frustration on Instagram, revealing that some of his friends and politicians have branded all female actresses as prostitutes.

In his post, Dave Ogbeni called for a clear distinction to be made between actresses who came into the industry to showcase their acting skills and those who joined the industry for other reasons, such as selling their bodies. He emphasized that not every girl who comes into the movie industry does so for the craft, and many do so for the (indirect) cash.

The actor's statement has caused a lot of reactions on social media, with some supporting his views while others have criticized him for his generalization of all female actresses in the industry.