Sharon Ooja and Beverly Osu Tearfully Discuss Friendship
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An emotional moment between the two jolly friends and Nollywood actresses, Sharon Ooja and Beverly Osu, moves many to tears with their heartwarming friendship. The deep bond between these two talented actresses has always been evident, but a recent video has brought their close relationship to the forefront, showcasing their genuine affection and support for one another.

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In a video circulating online, the stars of “Oloture the Journey” the movie were seen cherishing their time working together. The video captures them reflecting on their experiences on set and the profound impact their friendship has had on their personal and professional lives. Their laughter, tears, and heartfelt words highlight the special connection they share.

This came amidst the traditional and white wedding of Sharon Ooja to her partner, Ugo Nwoke, whose event coverage has serenaded social media space since the onset of the union. The joyous occasion of Sharon's wedding has been widely celebrated, with numerous posts and videos capturing the beautiful moments from the ceremonies. Despite the busy wedding activities, Sharon and Beverly took the time to honor their friendship, showing that their bond transcends all other events.

Beverly revealed how she and Sharon have held hands so often that she now feels Sharon’s presence even while sleeping. She expressed that she has gained a family in Sharon while describing her as the best person she has ever worked with. Beverly's heartfelt confession about their friendship underscores the depth of their connection and the mutual respect they have for each other.

“Me and Sharon have held hands so much that I can feel her hand even when I am sleeping. I gained a family with her. Sharon is the best person I am sharing a script with,” she stated. These touching words from Beverly reflect the strong emotional ties between the two actresses and the significant role they play in each other's lives.

Watch the video below …