Shade Ladipo accuses Burna Boy of exploiting Nigerian issues to boost his music career
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Media personality, Shade Ladipo, has slammed Burna Boy after he revealed the reasons for his silence during the 2023 election. Burna Boy, known for making music about corruption, activism, and the plight of the average Nigerian, was dragged for failing to speak up about the election. He took to Instagram on Monday to give his reasons. According to him, he refused to support any candidate because he does not believe in any of the candidates running for political posts and does not want to be held accountable if the candidate fails in office. His exact words were: “I don’t know why it’s such a big deal to some Nigerians that I’ve not been vocal about the elections. Personally I don’t have a candidate that I believe in. I’ve never supported any political party or candidate in my life because I don’t want to make you vote and then blame me when the person f**ks up as usual. That being said, I hope all votes count and the best man wins.”

His reasons, however, did not sit well with a number of Nigerians, including media personality Shade Ladipo, and they did not hesitate to express their displeasure. Ladipo tagged Burna Boy as a clown and an opportunist who only uses Nigerian and African issues to promote his music. She wrote: “Your African ant is a clown. If you are a true pan-Africanist as you claim with your music then you must understand the importance of these elections. Promoting voter participation doesn’t involve supporting any candidate. You are a clown and an opportunist who only uses Nigeria/African issues to promote your music. F*cking fraud with fake dreads”

She also posted a screenshot of Burna Boy's explanation for his silence on her Instagram story, with the words "I'm actually disgusted" written over the image.

Burna Boy has yet to respond to the criticism.

The Nigerian presidential election is set to take place on February 26, 2023, and has generated a lot of attention both within and outside Nigeria. Many Nigerians are urging citizens to actively participate in the democratic process and vote for a candidate who they believe will bring about positive change in the country.