SeyiLaw challenges Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo to name the slave master on the ballot
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Nigerian comedian, Seyi Law, has responded to Kingsley Okonkwo, daring him to name the 'slave masters' on the ballot papers after the clergyman shared his sentiment about the recently concluded general election in Nigeria on Saturday, February 25. Pastor Kingsley had taken to Twitter to express his views on the election, stating that he used to think that bad government was Nigeria's problem, but that bad citizens were the worst. He went on to identify operatives of the Nigerian Police Force, INEC officials, and people who voted for their own 'slave masters' as a significant part of the problem.

Seyi Law, who is a staunch supporter of APC Presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, was not impressed with Pastor Kingsley's comments and asked him to be bold enough to name the 'slave master' on the ballot. Seyi Law tweeted, "Please can you be bold enough to name the slave master on the ballot. I want to check something," in response to Pastor Kingsley's comments.

The exchange between the two personalities was shared on social media, with many Nigerians taking different positions on the issue. While some people agreed with Seyi Law's challenge to Pastor Kingsley, others felt that the comedian was being defensive and not addressing the real issues raised by the clergyman.

It is not the first time that Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo has expressed his views on issues affecting Nigeria. In a tweet a while back, he posed an intriguing query about infidelity in relationships and marriages. The popular relationship expert and author pointed out that when cheating occurs, several factors should be taken into account, including whether the parties involved are married or just dating, whether the cheat in question was caught or confessed, and whether they are ready to change or are defensive. His tweets often generate a lot of engagement and discussion among Nigerians, particularly those interested in relationship and family issues.


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