Seyi Vibes mourns mother's death as darkest day of his life
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[Nigerian Afro-pop musician, Seyi Vibez, has announced the passing of his mother on Thursday, March 16. The heartbroken "billionaire baby" singer took to his Instagram page to share the sad news with his fans and followers. Alongside a black photo, Seyi Vibez wrote a touching tribute to his late mother, describing her death as the darkest day of his life. In his post, he wrote, "Today the Darkest day of my life…March 16. I lost my ancestor! Love you till I go six feet mum. RIP."

Seyi Vibez is currently mourning the loss of his mother and is yet to release any statement regarding her funeral arrangements.

In the past, Seyi Vibez has been in the news for including a verse from the Quran in his music video, which caused controversy within Nigeria's Islamic community. The singer had posted a snippet from the music video for his 2023 debut single "Yoga" on his Instagram profile, in which he sampled the Quran.

However, the video received backlash from some Muslims who called him out for sampling the Quran in the opening of the yet-to-be-released visuals. Out of rage, they demanded that he and his producer take the Quranic verse out of the song and apologize to the Muslim community. They flooded the comment section of his post with grievous messages and chided him for putting the Quran in a secular song that would be played in clubhouse.

Despite the backlash, Seyi Vibez continues to make music and remains one of Nigeria's most promising young artists.


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