Seun Kuti: You wanted the lesser of 3 evils but got the best
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Seun Kuti, Nigerian musician has shared his thoughts on the outcome of the 2023 Nigerian presidential election. Known for speaking his mind, Seun took to Instagram to address Nigerians about their choice of leadership.

In his post, Seun expressed that Nigerians had hoped for the "lesser of 3 evils" but ended up with the best option. He also shared his observation that many Nigerians allow public figures to influence their decisions without realizing that these figures often only care about their own interests.

Seun further stated that celebrities and public figures often use the resources and support of Nigerians to become citizens of foreign countries like Britain and the United States, in order to ensure that their children do not have to live among ordinary Nigerians.

He went on to say: "When you realize that all your actors, musicians, influencers, comedians, politicians, and business leaders are using your resources and support to become British and American citizens so their children don't exist with yours, maybe you will have sense enough to stop allowing them direct your life!!! You wanted the lesser of 3 evils but you got the best! May the best lie win!! Let's know @mopcentre those ready for the work. It's starts TODAY!!"

Seun's post highlights the issue of political apathy and the need for Nigerians to be more discerning when it comes to choosing their leaders. His message also sheds light on the privileges enjoyed by some public figures who are disconnected from the everyday struggles of ordinary Nigerians.

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