Sarah Martins reflects on her failed marriage, saying she got married as a virgin at 19 but was played
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Actress, Sarah Martins, has taken to social media to reflect on her failed marriage.

The screen diva, while celebrating International Women’s Day with beautiful photos of herself, revealed she got married to her ex-husband at the age of 19 as a virgin. In a post shared on her Instagram page, Sarah shared that she believed so much in love at that time until she got played by her ex-husband.

She noted that, as a result of the experience, she now puts happiness and peace of mind before any man’s emotions. Speaking further, she added that her love is transactional.

“I used to believe so much in love until I got played by my ex husband whom I married at the age of 19 as a virgin. Ever since then, my happiness and peace of mind comes first before considering any man’s heart and emotions. YES, my love is TRANSACTIONAL. (You give me love I give you peace)! Happy International woman’s day to a STRONG GIRL…❤️”, she wrote.

In another post shared on her Instagram page, Sarah Martins has opined that it is possible for a man to love and provide for his side chick, and still love his wife more. She stated that a man can cheat on his wife while still showing her love and affection, but that’s not the case for women because a woman can never cheat on her husband and still love him the same way.

She went on to explain that the dynamics of cheating are not the same for both genders. According to her, for women, they would begin to disrespect their husbands once they have a side-partner.

Sarah Martins is a popular Nollywood actress who has featured in several movies. She is known for her beauty and acting skills, and she has a huge following on social media. Her posts often generate a lot of reactions from her fans and followers, who look up to her as a role model.