Sandra Iheuwa criticizes Verydarkman for saying Obi Cubana doesn't support youths
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Businesswoman, Sandra Iheuwa tackles the controversial activist Verydarkman for alleging that Obi Cubana isn’t helping the youths.

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It would be recalled that Verydarkman blasted Iyabo Ojo while claiming that she was never invited to Davido’s main wedding.

Sandra Iheuwa. Photo source: Instagram.[/figure]

This had caused her lover Paulo Okoye to speak in defense of her and this was also met with criticisms from Verydarkman.

Verydarkman also blasted Obi Cubana who spoke against indulging youths who insult their elders.

Verydarkman. Photo source: Google.[/figure]

The critic had opined that Obi Cubana doesn’t do anything to help the youths and never speak up on pertinent matters affecting them.

Reacting to this, Sandra Iheuwa drew Verydarkman’s attention to Obi Cubana’s factory, revealing that it’s youths, and not robots, that are employed there.

She also noted how he is creating jobs through various companies of his.

Sandra Iheuwa wrote:

“The workers employed in his factories — are they robots or AI? No, they are Nigerians, and he is creating jobs across the country. Brands like Hennessy and other foreign companies operate in Nigeria without similar criticism. It’s disheartening to see our own people being criticized for their efforts while foreigners are praised.”

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This interaction between Sandra Iheuwa and Verydarkman highlights the ongoing debate regarding the impact of successful Nigerian entrepreneurs like Obi Cubana on the youth. While Verydarkman criticizes Obi Cubana for not doing enough, Sandra Iheuwa defends him by pointing out his contributions to job creation and the economic benefits provided by his businesses. The exchange brings to light differing perspectives on the responsibilities of wealthy individuals towards societal development and the recognition of their efforts.