Ruger admits he can love five women simultaneously
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Nigerian artist Ruger has recently disclosed that he has the capacity to fall in love with five different women at the same time. The ‘Dear Ex’ singer claimed he could love five women equally at the same time, emphasizing that his feelings would be genuine rather than mere infatuation.

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During a recent interview with The Beat 99.9 FM in Lagos, Ruger elaborated on his perspective on love and relationships. He shared that he falls in love easily and cited that gifts and compliments often cause him to develop feelings for women. He highlighted that he deeply appreciates these gestures and they play a significant role in his romantic inclinations.

Ruger explained, “I can fall in love with five different women at the same time. I don’t know if it’s possible for others but I can do it. And I will actually love them, not infatuation. It’s just easy for me to fall in love. Gifts and compliments make me develop feelings for ladies. I really appreciate gifts and compliments.”

Ruger, Nigerian artist

The artist’s openness about his capacity for multiple romantic relationships has sparked considerable discussion among his fans and the public. Many are intrigued by his unconventional views on love, while others are curious about the sincerity and practical implications of his statements.

In the interview, Ruger stressed that most of the time, his love is genuine rather than just infatuation. He expressed that his ability to appreciate and reciprocate the love he receives through gifts and compliments is a significant aspect of his romantic life. Ruger's revelations offer a unique glimpse into his personal life and his approach to love and relationships.