Ruger, a ‘changed man,’ declares readiness for marriage
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Nigerian artist Michael Adebayo Olayinka, known as Ruger, publicly declares interest in marriage after once stating his capability to love up to five women at the same time. This unexpected revelation has intrigued fans and followers alike, marking a significant shift in his previously expressed views on love and relationships.

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The 24-year-old conveyed this sentiment during his performance at the recent AfroNation Festival in Portugal, captivating the audience with both his music and his personal disclosures. This festival, known for featuring prominent Afrobeat artists, provided Ruger with a platform to share his evolved perspective on love and commitment.



Despite the audience’s skepticism when asked if he was prepared for marriage, Ruger affirmed his stance, stating that he has undergone personal growth. His declaration was met with mixed reactions, as many remembered his earlier statements about his ability to love multiple women at once.


“I think I’m ready for marriage,” he declared, adding, “I am a changed man now.” These words reflect a newfound maturity and a departure from his former outlook on relationships.


Ruger’s recent comments follow his earlier revelation that he is capable of loving multiple women simultaneously and easily develops feelings through gifts and compliments. His transformation and willingness to embrace a monogamous relationship indicate a significant change in his personal and emotional development.

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