Rema shares his first response to trouble
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Nigerian artist Rema has revealed the initial step he would take if ever in trouble before contacting the police. The singer, hailing from Benin City, Edo State, expressed that he would first seek assistance from his Benin brothers before resorting to police intervention in any challenging situation.

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In a recent statement, he emphasized, "Na my Benin brothers I go call before I call olopa o if anything KPA O! 🪓" This declaration is excerpted from his latest track, "Benin Boys," featuring Shallipopi, which has gained considerable popularity across social media platforms.


Fans have reacted diversely to his statement, with Trey humorously noting, "Abeg don't call me for that one o," and Ebenz expressing skepticism, "I HOPE SAY NA LYRICS BE THIS." Others, like JBRANDY and stylebyeso, have engaged critically with the lyrics and the broader message in his music, while uwa_bg proudly affirmed, "We no even need olopa‼️…Edo to the world 🌍💯✍🏾."

Rema's lyrics continue to spark discussions and resonate with fans, showcasing his connection to his cultural roots and the themes prevalent in his music.