Regina Daniels shares experience of 14-year-old girl on set following men to hotel rooms
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Actress Regina Daniels has called on her colleagues and crew members in the movie industry to stop exploiting young girls who aspire to achieve fame. She discovered a 14-year-old girl working as a makeup artist on a movie set instead of being in school. After questioning her, Regina discovered that the girl had left home at the age of 13 to pursue her dreams and had worked with various celebrities and crew members. 

The girl admitted she would follow anyone who allowed her to their hotel rooms, man or woman, although she usually turned down advances from men. Regina urged those with similar experiences to be vigilant for young girls like the 14-year-old and revealed she had taken the girl to a boarding school where she performed well on her entrance exam. She warned celebrities and movie producers to say no to child labor and keep the industry secure.

“DISCLAIMER!!! This goes to the CELEBRITIES AND MOVIE PRODUCERS. PLEASE SAY NO TO CHILD LABOUR and keep the industry Secure”, Regina warned.

Watch the video below: