Pete Edochie laments that being Nigerian is a full-time job
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Nollywood legend Pete Edochie, who recently turned 76, has shared his observations on the recent Nigerian elections and their aftermath, describing being a Nigerian as a full-time job that comes with perpetual anxiety. 

The legendary actor, Pete Edochie who celebrated his 76th birthday yesterday has taken to his page to share some observations he has made during the time of elections and the aftermath.

Edochie questioned the legitimacy of the election and called for an explanation.

Pete Edochie further questioned INEC over the results of the just-ended 2023 elections.

He shared on his page;

Fellow Nigerians,I have observed the events in our Nation for the past few weeks as it unfolds and I have chosen a special day like my 76th year on earth to address that in a few words.

I have deduced that:

– Being a Nigerian is a full-time job-Being a Nigerian comes with an inherent perpetual anxiety

– We need an explanation– Or is it all REALLY FOR OUR OWN GOOD?

– Was the Presidential election an ELECTION or a SELECTION?– We need EXPLANATION as a NATION

– Chief Pete Edochie 2023