Olamide recalls their most embarrassing moment
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Famous rapper, Olamide Baddo, recently shared details about what he considers the most embarrassing moment of his life. The incident left him feeling both ashamed and angry.

During a recent interview, Olamide recounted an incident that occurred before his hit song ‘Eniduro’ propelled him into the limelight. At the time, he was working with his boss and producer, ID Cabasa. According to a report by The Nation, Olamide explained that he was sent to get food by a senior artist who was in the studio to record a song.

Despite being the youngest person in the studio, Olamide was sent to buy food because he was available. However, when he returned with the food, the senior artist demanded his change back, accusing him of trying to steal his money.

Olamide was shocked and almost got angry, but one look from ID Cabasa calmed him down. He had used his own money to pay for the extra cost of the food, and the accusation made him feel embarrassed and ashamed. However, he learned from the incident and eventually became successful in the music industry.

Today, the same senior artist is one of Olamide's biggest fans and is even planning to do a song with him.