Not all men cheat because my partner doesn't – Actress Jane Obi brags
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Enugu-based Nollywood actress, Jane Obi, boasted about her faithful partner in an interview with Saturday Beats. According to the actress, she doesn’t agree with the idea that all men cheat because her partner is loyal to her.

When asked about favoritism in Nollywood, Jane Obi acknowledged that it exists in all aspects of life. She explained that people prefer to work with those they feel comfortable around and can relate to, and that there's nothing wrong with this. She also noted that making movies involves spending a lot of time with the people you're working with, so nobody wants to be around someone with bad vibes. While some people call it cliques, Jane sees it as being cool with someone and wanting to be around them more.

Jane also shared her thoughts on the importance of beauty in the entertainment industry. According to her, beauty is part of the profession and being marketable is crucial for success. Looking good, she added, is good for business.

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