No pressure to have a child - Chidiebere Aneke
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Actress Chidiebere Aneke spoke about her career, love life, and plans to have children in a new interview. The 36-year-old actress revealed that she is not under any pressure to give birth to a child, despite her age.

According to Chidiebere Aneke, the people she associates herself with do not put pressure on her to get married or have children. She stated, "I have never been under pressure to have a child. I have also never heard that some women get pressurised to have children, unmarried. It depends on the people one associate with anyway."

Moving on to her love life, Chidiebere Aneke described her current partner as an honest person with a good conscience. She emphasized that finding true love is one of the difficult things actresses go through. However, she is hopeful that when the right man comes along, everything will fall into place. She said, "The qualities I desire in my partner are honesty and a good conscience. If a person has a good conscience, they won’t hurt their partners. It is not accurate to say that it is usually difficult for actresses to find true love, because some men desire to be with them due to their fame and wealth. Anybody saying that is not being truthful. Love is a beautiful thing, and when a lady’s path crosses that of the right man for her, everything will fall into place. However, I have never lost a relationship because of the kind of job I do."