Netizens criticize Tolanibaj for her tweet about men dancing in clubs, shocked that a DJ would say that
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Reality TV star turned Disc Jockey, Tolanibaj has faced criticism on Twitter after a tweet she made about men dancing in clubs. On Tuesday, March 14, Tolanibaj took to the microblogging platform to express her dislike for men who dance energetically in clubs, saying that she gets turned off by it. According to her, it is preferable for men to sit down and vibe to the music, and at least pretend to be rich instead of dancing and looking "razz."

As an aspiring DJ who recently launched her disc jockey career, her candid opinion did not sit well with a lot of people who knocked her for her statement, citing that it doesn't make sense coming from someone in her profession. Some Twitter users pointed out that Tolanibaj's statement implies that she doesn't want men to dance to her sets, which is an unusual perspective for a DJ.

@ulxma tweeted, "This is a wild thing to tweet as a Dj. You're basically saying you don't want men to dance to your sets."

@letter_to_jack tweeted, "First DJ that will get turned off because men (who bring a huge chunk of the revenue) are dancing. So unique, so pure."

@ibok_ima tweeted, "So I go to the club, spend my hard-earned money on overpriced drinks (part of which will be used to pay the DJ). But the DJ says I should sit down and pretend to be a big boy?? Must be Ment or Malaria or a lil bit of both. I no sha blame you, na the people wey rate you I blame."

@pengmanofficial tweeted, "This is an own goal as a DJ. You're literally saying that when you Dey spin for deck, make guys sit down, make dem no dance. So your set na for only babes, Oya now."

Other Twitter users also weighed in on the issue, expressing their disappointment in Tolanibaj's statement. Some even criticized her for promoting a harmful stereotype that men who dance in clubs are not rich.