Nedu refutes Yvonne Jegede's claims, denies hating women
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Media personality Nedu has debunked claims from actress Yvonne Jegede that he harbors hatred for women due to his past experiences.

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The podcaster issued a clarification following comments from Yvonne Jegede, who alluded to his supposed disdain for women while chastising him for his remarks after she publicly apologized for some of her statements on a recent edition of ‘The Honest Bunch’ podcast.

Nedu emphasized that he has three daughters, a female manager, and that the majority of those around him are women, making the notion that he hates women completely unfounded.

Ndu, Media personality

Speaking in a message shared via his Instagram page, he said, “In the past episodes [of The Honest Bunch podcast], I must have said some things that upset a few people that has led to some of you saying I hate women.

“I don’t hate women. I don’t. My manager is a woman, I’ve got three beautiful daughters, and pretty much everyone around me is a woman. So I don’t know where all that thinking is coming from.”

Nedu’s response aims to set the record straight and counter any misconceptions about his views on women, highlighting his personal and professional relationships with women as evidence of his respect and appreciation for them.