Mary Njoku explains why she was eager to work with the late Sam Loco
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Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Mary Remmy Njoku pays tribute to the late actor Sam Loco Efe while sharing the reasons she had a strong desire to work with him at some point in her career.

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It would be recalled that the legendary Nigerian actor died in his sleep at a hotel in 2011 at the age of 65, a tragic loss that struck the industry unexpectedly and left a void in Nollywood.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Mary Njoku expressed her deep admiration for Sam Loco Efe and recalled her aspiration to work with him when she began her career as a producer.

The actress acknowledged Sam Loco Efe as one of Nigeria’s most talented actors, crediting him with inspiring her and significantly contributing to the Nigerian film industry.

In her words;

“Life is short. When I was an aspiring Producer, I wanted to work with you so badly, even though you barely knew me. I dreamt of creating a show just to feature you. You were one of the most talented actors Nigeria has ever known and possibly ever will know.

“Today, as I reflect on my journey as a filmmaker, I celebrate your contribution to my life as a creative and to Nollywood. Your craft inspired a whole generation of filmmakers.

“Take your flowers and rest on, LEGEND of all time!”.


Mary Njoku’s tribute not only highlights her personal admiration for Sam Loco Efe but also underscores the profound impact he had on Nollywood and the generations of filmmakers who were inspired by his exceptional talent and dedication to the craft.