Mandy Kiss denies all allegations made by Salo and warns against using her name for clout chasing
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Influencer Mandy Kiss has denied all allegations leveled against her by Salo on Instagram live session.

Today, Salo in a live Instagram session while weeping that Mandy Kiss has ruined his life, adding that he has not been getting credit alerts after he got involved with the slay Queen in an intimate way multiple times.

In a rebuttal, Mandy Kiss has dragged Salo on her Instagram page placing curses on him. She has denied every allegation leveled against her by Salo. She has also warned Salo to desist from using her name to chase clout.

“Sallo I understand the face you wanna trend but this time around you messed with the wrong fellow! Cos I won’t take it easy with you. Do not use my name to chase clout!!!… Don’t stain my name, Salo. Stop being stupid. Are you tryna chase people away from me?? Salo, you are a terrible liar”.