Jay Z's disappointment evident as Charles Okocha's local accent emerges in link up with Hilda (Video)
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In a heartwarming encounter at a recent event, the widely popular Nollywood actor Charles Okocha had an enjoyable exchange with the renowned chef Hilda Baci, revealing a different side of his usually hyperactive persona. The actor took to his Instagram account to share a video clip capturing this memorable interaction between himself and Hilda Baci. The clip starts with Charles initially unaware of Hilda's identity, prompting her to introduce herself. Hilda graciously reminded him that they had crossed paths at her cook-a-thon event. Upon recalling the encounter, Charles responded with a local exclamation, "Ewooooo," which sparked conversations among onlookers.

Expressing his joy at attending Hilda's cook-a-thon, Charles Okocha revealed that despite having two other scheduled events for the day, he spontaneously decided to be present and show his support for Hilda's remarkable endeavor. He described the cook-a-thon as a "phenomenal" milestone in history, further emphasizing the importance of supporting such remarkable initiatives.

The video shared by Charles Okocha has gained significant attention on social media, with fans and followers applauding the actor for his warm interaction with Hilda Baci and his spontaneous show of support. 

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