James Brown to have womb transplant
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Controversial crossdresser, James Brown, has shared plans to undergo uterine transplant surgery so as to be able to birth his own child. The social media drag queen took to his Instagram page to share his yearnings for a child of his own. According to James Brown, he has acquired several material possessions such as cars, and a house of his own. However, he yearns to become a mother too; hence he plans to undergo womb transplant to birth his child. Taking to Instagram, he wrote:

“I think is time i travel back for my surgery importing my WOMB 👩 I have a House, CAR 🚗 , I need to be the mother of my own Child Next”

He also shared a screenshot of a news headline reporting on his plans. It is not clear when James Brown plans to undergo the surgery or if he has consulted with medical professionals regarding the procedure. Uterine transplant surgery is a complex and risky procedure that involves transplanting a uterus from a donor into a recipient's body. It is typically used as a fertility treatment for women who are unable to conceive due to uterine factor infertility. It is unclear if the procedure has ever been performed on a biological male like James Brown.


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