Iya Awero recounts how two of her children nearly died on a movie set
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Veteran actress, Iya Awero, has shared some of the obstacles she faced as an actress and how two of her children almost died while on a movie set.

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According to Iya Awero, she has suffered from being an actress and her career has had an impact on her marriage, as well as her children.

In a video broadcast on the official YouTube channel of Doyin Kukoyi TV during an interview, she said that she was on a movie set with two of her children when something unexpected happened to them.

In her statement, she said, “I suffered a lot as an actress, two of my children suddenly died while I was on a movie set.

Veteran actress Iya Awero[/figure>

“It was really a surprise to me, and I was disturbed to the extent that I didn’t know how to get out of that situation.

“I later went to meet some of the legendary actors, including Adebayo Salami, who went to meet my husband to plead on my behalf.”

Iya Awero recounted that the unexpected incident with her children was one of the most challenging moments of her life. She described how she felt utterly helpless and overwhelmed by the situation, unsure of how to navigate through the ordeal.

During the interview, she also highlighted the broader struggles she faced in her acting career, noting that the demands of the profession often conflicted with her responsibilities as a mother and a wife. She explained that her frequent absence from home due to work commitments strained her relationship with her husband and children, leading to moments of tension and misunderstanding.

Iya Awero emphasized the support she received from her colleagues in the industry during these difficult times. She mentioned that actors like Adebayo Salami played a crucial role in helping her address the issues at home by mediating and offering their support. Their intervention was instrumental in helping her husband understand the challenges she was facing and in restoring some harmony in her family life.

Despite the hardships, Iya Awero expressed her gratitude for the resilience she developed through these experiences. She acknowledged that while her career brought significant challenges, it also provided her with opportunities for personal growth and the ability to overcome adversity. She hopes that her story will inspire other actors who may be facing similar difficulties, reminding them that perseverance and support from loved ones and colleagues can help them through the toughest times.

In conclusion, the veteran actress's candid revelation sheds light on the personal sacrifices and struggles that often accompany a career in the entertainment industry. Her story underscores the importance of understanding, support, and resilience in balancing professional aspirations with family responsibilities.