I'm the first millionaire in my family — Singer Crayon
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Charles Chibueze Chukwu, who is popularly known as Crayon, has taken to social media to reflect on his good fortune. In a [a href="https://www.twitter.com/yabaleftonline"]tweet[/a], he disclosed that he is the first millionaire in his family and that no one in his lineage has been as successful as he has been.

He is a signee of Mavin Records, believes that God raised him to break the cycle of poverty in his family. In his tweet, he said, “I’m a living testimonies of God! I’m the first STAR in my family! Both from my mum’s and my dad’s! Generations, before me nobody has been this successful in my family! I’m the first millionaire in my family! God raised me to break that generational curse! IAM “THE ONE”.”

The tweet has sparked varying reactions on social media, with some people berating him for speaking lowly of his family. For example, @tinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny wrote, “This is somehow absurd, just to get likes u diss your whole family? U don’t come out and say something of such”. Similarly, @akpemerita wrote, “Na competition, stop bringing down your family members”.

However, there were others who supported him. For instance, @Mrgeorgia_ wrote, “Too much talk. How about you thank God in private and keep working. I can assure you many more are coming and hope you won’t be jealous when another family member gets wayyyy richer than you”. Meanwhile, @teezpapi_ wrote, “I don’t think this is ever right to say..There are certain infos I can’t spill out for life”.