Film director devastated by DNA test confirming newborn baby isn't his
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South African film director, Nkosi Nathi is left devastated after discovering through a DNA test that he is not the biological father of his newborn baby.

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Nkosi recounted that he received the news of becoming a father nine months ago and had been doting on the baby girl since her birth.

However, a minor incident prompted him to conduct a DNA test, which revealed that he was not the child’s father.

Sharing his story, Nkosi encouraged men to consider conducting DNA tests while emphasizing the trauma it caused him and is currently on a healing journey due to the emotional pain.

Nkosi Nathi on DNA test of his newborn baby

“Today was meant to celebrate my first Father’s Day. I’m shattered beyond words. Nine months ago, I was introduced to the news that I would be a father. I cared for my unborn child and she became my world. I spent some time with her and it was a life-changing experience.

She was born on May 20th, a day before my birthday. After some incidents, her mother and I agreed to do a DNA test. The results came back negative, I am NOT her father.

I’m making this post to encourage other brothers out there: take the test. It is uncomfortable but the truth is vital. With all that has happened, I still want to be a part of the better and responsible generation of men. Let’s not let situations get ahead of us. We have a lot of LIFE to live. The support from my family has been insane. One thing about me: I know how to choose my friends.

I’m traumatized but stable, on a healing journey, and taking care of my mental health. Some really dope projects are coming up, I can’t wait to share them with you! The work does not stop, I shall continue to be…YOUR FAVORITE DIRECTOR”

Nkosi Nathi shared more about his experience, explaining how he initially felt immense joy and excitement when he learned about the pregnancy. He prepared eagerly for the arrival of his daughter, investing his time and love into her from the moment she was born. The emotional bond he formed with her made the news from the DNA test even more heartbreaking.

He stressed the importance of truth and encouraged others to face difficult situations head-on, even when it involves uncomfortable decisions like conducting a DNA test. Nkosi's emphasis on the need for responsible and informed fatherhood reflects his commitment to personal growth and integrity, despite the pain he is enduring.

Throughout his statement, Nkosi highlighted the incredible support he has received from his family and friends, acknowledging their role in helping him navigate this challenging period. He remains hopeful and focused on his career, assuring his followers that he will continue to produce exceptional work as a director. Nkosi’s resilience and determination to move forward, despite his trauma, is an inspiring testament to his character and dedication to his craft.