Falz reveals why he remains single at 33 despite parental pressure
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Popular Nigerian rapper and singer, Folarin Falana, popularly known as Falz, has opened up on his single status at the age of 33, attributing it to his cautious approach towards marriage.

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In an interview with Naija 102.7 FM, Lagos, the ‘Marry Me’ crooner disclosed that while his parents, particularly his father, renowned lawyer Femi Falana, frequently express concerns over his marital status, he refuses to succumb to pressure.

“I’m not yet married. I’m single to stupor. My dad expresses concern over my marital status daily. If I greet my dad good morning, he would say the morning will be good if you were married.

“Both my mum and dad are deeply concerned about my status, although my dad pressures me the most. My mum is a bit calm now. It seems like she has passed the baton to my dad. No one can pressure me into getting married, not even my dad [laughs],” Falz said.

Addressing his romantic life, the singer revealed that he has not been in a serious relationship since his university days.

Falz, known for his witty lyrics, further clarified that while he remains single, he still holds an interest in women.

“Currently, I’m not dating anyone. I’m a straight man. I like women. But for a while now, I haven’t experienced a serious relationship. I was still in the university the last time I had a serious relationship.

“My lifestyle as a celebrity is difficult to find someone to commit to. Also, there are a lot of happenings in the industry that make having a booming career and a healthy relationship seem difficult. So because of that, I’m trying to be careful. There’s no issue. I’m just trying to be careful,” he added.

Falz elaborated that his focus is currently on building his career and ensuring he is personally ready before making the significant step into marriage. He believes that rushing into marriage because of societal or parental pressure could lead to complications that he would rather avoid. Despite the constant inquiries about his love life, Falz remains firm in his decision to wait for the right time and the right person.

The rapper’s candid discussion about his single status and approach to relationships has resonated with many of his fans, who appreciate his honesty and determination to live life on his own terms. As Falz continues to navigate the pressures of fame and personal expectations, he remains a prominent figure in the Nigerian music scene, admired not only for his musical talents but also for his wisdom and integrity in handling personal matters.