Ed Sheeran shares “interesting” reason he ditched his phone in 2015
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American singer Ed Sheeran has revealed an interesting reason why he stopped using a phone in 2015.

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The English singer disclosed that he ceased using a phone in 2015 but still uses an iPad for official emails.

According to Ed Sheeran, whenever he needs to make a call, he borrows a phone from friends or family. He shared the reason behind his decision to stop using a phone.

He explained that during a conversation with a friend, the constant beeping of their phones disrupted their discussion and made him lose focus.

Ed Sheeran, American singer

He stated that he also realized that he found himself doing a lot of texting on his phone losing concentration even when he was having a chat with his father, so he decided to cut off the habit of using his phone.

He added that he gets in touch with people but does it only on Sundays through emails and text.