Davido responds to cousin Folasade Adeleke's trending BBL surgery rumors
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The cousin of artist Davido, Folasade Adeleke has sparked online speculation that she is undergoing BBL surgery.

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The mother of three responded by addressing the rumors on her official social media page. She categorically denied using any artificial enhancements on her body or undergoing BBL surgery.

She tweeted;

“The only rumor I’m clearing up is that I had any type of surgery. Not even when I gave birth. All natural, are you dumb, don’t discredit my hard work. #homegrown”

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The attention surrounding Folashade quickly drew the singer’s attention, and he appeared delighted by the scenario.

He reacted on social media, posting, “Ur trending @FolazFab.”

Please see the post below.

Folasade, who has always been in the public eye due to her relationship with Davido, found herself at the center of these rumors after several online users speculated about her recent appearance changes. Despite the speculation, she maintained that her figure is a result of natural efforts and not surgical enhancements. She emphasized her dedication to maintaining her body naturally, attributing her looks to hard work and not cosmetic surgery. This public denial aims to clear any misconceptions and highlight her commitment to natural beauty and personal effort.

Her statement quickly garnered attention from fans and followers who shared their support and admiration for her transparency. Many praised her for standing up against the rumors and for promoting a message of self-love and authenticity. The incident has also brought to light the pressures and scrutiny public figures face regarding their appearances and the assumptions made about their personal choices. Folasade’s response serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing false narratives and standing firm in one’s truth.

The situation also highlights the ongoing conversation about body image, societal expectations, and the impact of social media on personal perceptions. By addressing the rumors head-on, Folasade not only defended her personal integrity but also contributed to a broader dialogue about the standards of beauty and the value of authenticity in the public sphere. Her actions resonate with many who advocate for self-acceptance and the celebration of natural beauty amidst a culture often dominated by unrealistic expectations and artificial enhancements.