Daddy Freeze questions Pastor Jerry Eze about angels' approval of election rigging in his prophecy
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Daddy Freeze, has expressed his disapproval of the recent prophecy by Nigerian clergyman, Pastor Jerry Eze, about the 2023 presidential election. The pastor of Streams of Joy International had taken to his Twitter account to issue a warning to those collating the results of the election, claiming that angels were monitoring the results of the election in all polling units across the country.

According to Jerry, the same angel that had slapped King Herod in the Bible was now monitoring the election results, and therefore, officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) should be cautious. He tweeted, “The Angel that slapped Herod is presently monitoring Polling Units and Election results around Nigeria. Beware!!!”

However, following the outcome of the election, Daddy Freeze took to his Instagram page to question the credibility of the prophecy. He poked holes in the clergyman’s declaration, asking whether the angels that had been sent to monitor the results had endorsed, ignored, or even joined in the rigging, considering the alleged reports of malpractices in the election results.

In his Instagram post, Daddy Freeze wrote, “My question is: did the angels endorse the rigging, ignore the rigging or join the rigging? People will still ignore facts and attack me for opening their eyes to see what’s obvious to all.”

It remains to be seen whether Pastor Jerry will respond to Daddy Freeze’s comments or provide any clarification about his prophecy.