Cubana Chief Priest denies fathering child with Kenyan side chic
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Nigerian socialite, Cubana Chief Priest, denied allegations made by controversial blogger, Gistlover, that he fathered a child with a Kenyan side chic. According to Gistlover, the socialite, whose real name is Pascal Okechukwu, impregnated the Kenyan woman and refused to accept responsibility for the child.

In response to the allegations, Cubana Chief Priest took to Instagram to address the situation, stating that the blogger was attempting to blackmail him for money. He challenged Gistlover to a DNA test, saying that he was so wealthy that if he did have a child outside of his marriage, no one would know. Cubana Chief Priest also stated that it was disrespectful for anyone to suggest that he would have a child born in Kenya, and that he would only assemble his children in Nigeria and make them in America.

Cubana Chief Priest is a popular figure in Nigerian social circles, known for his lavish spending and extravagant lifestyle. He is the chairman of the Cubana Group, which owns a chain of nightclubs and lounges in Nigeria.

The allegations made by Gistlover have caused a stir on social media, with many people weighing in on the situation. Some have expressed their support for Cubana Chief Priest, while others have criticized him for his lifestyle and behavior.