Controversy sparked as James Brown and sister pose nude in photoshoot
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Crossdresser, James Brown, who is known for his controversial posts and statements on social media, has once again caused a stir with his latest Instagram post featuring his sister, Gracious Brown.

On Monday night, James shared photos of himself and his sister posing completely unclad during a recent photoshoot on his Instagram page, which drew heavy criticism from many social media users. In the raunchy snaps, the siblings stripped off with their bodies in very close contact, sparking outrage among many commenters.

James shared the photos with the caption, “B.L.O.O.D S.I.S.T.E.R @iamgraciousbrown”, referring to the close bond between him and his sister.

However, many social media users were appalled by the post, with some questioning the appropriateness of posing nude with one's sibling. Some commenters criticized James and his sister for their actions, with one user (@abdulsalam_nanafirdaus) writing, “Bt wait does dat mean u r seeing ur sister’s nakedness or wat ?? Pls make it make sense y’all are moving m#d”.

Another user (@keju_consult) commented, “See children wey them dedicate for church abi na shrine 😔”, while another (@pat4me_) simply stated, “This is wrong though.”

Other commenters expressed shock and dismay at the photos, with one (@omotola_artistry) writing, “What in the sodom and Gomora is this”, and another (@trina_joness) saying, “You shouldn’t be naked with your sister, you’re her brother!!”.

Some commenters also expressed confusion about how the photos were taken, with one user (@patrickmirabel09) asking, “But how Una take snap this picture, so u naked ur sister naked Una come snap, Abeg make person explain for me because I no understand”, and another (@caramel_thea_official) asking, “So e thing touch e sister own thing all I. The name of photo shoot”.

The controversial photos have sparked a heated debate on social media, with many users expressing outrage at James and his sister's actions. Meanwhile, some fans have defended the crossdresser, arguing that the photos were taken for artistic purposes and that there is nothing wrong with siblings posing nude together.

The debate over the appropriateness of James Brown and Gracious Brown's photos continues to rage on social media, with no clear consensus in sight.

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