Clergywoman, Laurie Idahosa under attack for taking the covid 19 vaccine
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Clergywoman Laurie Idahosa is under attack for taking the Covid-19 vaccine and went on to share the video clip on her Instagram account.

She shared videos of herself taking a jab of the vaccine and wrote;

“I got my first dose of the covid-19 vaccine today! Yes, you can still be a person of faith and get the Covid-19 vaccine.

#covidvaccine #vaccinationdone #vaccineisnotthemsrkofthebeast”

Some Christian followers believe that her bold step in taking the vaccine is wrong and have questioned her faith in God as a Christian.

In addition, a fan compared her to her father-in-law, late Bishop Idahosa, insisting that the bishop would never have taken the vaccine if he was alive.

However, Laurie Idahosa has taken her time to reply to the comments springing rapidly on her page.


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