Call me princess, I'm now your daughter – James Brown
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Crossdresser, James Chukwueze Obialor, who is widely known by his stage name James Brown, recently made a revelation on his official Instagram page. He shared photos of himself dressed up as a lady as usual and announced that he has come out to his mother, and told her to refer to him as ‘princess’. This comes as a surprise to many, as James Brown previously had a strained relationship with his mother due to some issues they went through when he was growing up. He had even disowned her for abandoning him with his grandmother and coming back after he became famous.

In his post, James Brown wrote; “I TOLD HER 😌 I told my mother to call me princess because am now her daughter. I am so proud”. This bold move shows how confident and comfortable he is in his own skin, and it's an inspiring message for those who struggle with acceptance and identity.

However, James Brown also made headlines recently for a different reason. He created a scene in Asaba, Delta State, after a man damaged his phone. In a video he shared on his social media pages, a man approached James, who was in the company of some other people, and asked to do a stunt with his phone. James Brown agreed and handed his phone to the man. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well, and the phone got severely damaged.

Enraged by this, the self-styled Male Barbie pursued the man who attempted to flee the scene. Ignoring his celebrity status, James gave the man a hot chase on the streets of Asaba, demanding that he pay for the damage. It's a reminder that celebrities are also human and have the same feelings as everyone else, including anger when something they own is damaged or destroyed.