Biodun Okeowo curses those accusing her of having an affair with Cute Abiola
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Biodun Okeowo, who is popularly known as Omoborty, has finally addressed the allegations of being romantically involved with Cute Abiola, a married content creator. In 2022, the actress was accused of dating Cute Abiola, but she did not confirm or deny the rumors at the time. However, some netizens have consistently trolled her till date over the unscrupulous report. [/b]


On her Instagram page, Omoborty recently debunked the rumor and rained curses on those peddling the false allegation. She also held an IG live session where she addressed the issue and posted screenshots of some of the offensive comments she has received since the allegation was made public.

The actress expressed her frustration at the situation, stating that she has been bullied for something she did not do for many months. Omoborty further stated that she has remained silent for too long, and her silence has been taken as an acceptance of the rumors. She emphasized that she has a man and children that she is answerable to and would not engage in such acts.

In a series of videos posted on her Instagram page, Omoborty spoke passionately about the allegations, vehemently denying them and calling out those who have been spreading the rumors. She made it clear that she has nothing to do with Cute Abiola and advised those who continue to spread the rumors to desist from it.

Omoborty's reaction has been met with mixed reactions from fans and followers. Some have expressed their support for the actress, while others have criticized her for reacting too late. Despite the criticism, Omoborty remains resolute in her stance, stating that she will not be bullied or intimidated into accepting something that is not true.

Omoborty wrote,

“This post is just few of how I’ve been bullied each time I post, bullied for what I never did… since how many months..? Yet I can’t post in peace!

I think it’s time i address this nonsense…. And it’s sure gonna come with curses 🤬.

That lie has lingered for too long. Guess my silence means acceptance of that sh*t!!!

Because I have my man and children that I’m answerable to!”

See some of the messages she received below,

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