Bimbo Ademoye plays funny fart spray prank on her father for Father’s Day
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

On Father’s Day, actress Bimbo Ademoye decided to celebrate by playing a humorous prank on her father, using a fart spray to create a hilarious moment.

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The well-known actress posted a video on her Instagram, explaining that she told her father she was launching her own perfume line, The Bimbs Body Mix, and brought him a sample for his opinion.

Using a fart spray with the label removed to avoid suspicion, she sprayed it on her father’s hand. He was immediately overwhelmed by the awful smell and called over a young boy on the premises to confirm it. The boy had the same strong reaction to the terrible odor.

In his review, Bimbo’s father candidly stated that the smell was extremely bad, emphasizing that he cannot lie to the viewers.

Captioning her video, she wished him a happy Father’s Day and asserted that he is the best thing that ever happened to her.

She wrote: “Happy Father’s day Afin 1, Eleniyan, my honorable. The best to ever do it. Being your daughter is the best thing God did for me. I love you dada. Here’s to many more pranks.”