Billionaire's daughter Hauwa Indimi defends naming her son Noah against critics
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Hauwa Indimi-Yar’Adua, daughter of billionaire oil mogul, Mohammed Indimi, has responded to criticisms over the name of her son, Noah, instead of “Nuh”. 

Hauwa and her husband, Mohammed, welcomed their son in 2019. In a recent Instagram story on February 24, she addressed the criticism she has been receiving for naming her son Noah instead of the Islamic name “Nuh”.

Despite the criticism, Hauwa made it clear that she is not bothered by what people think about the name she calls her child. In response to the criticism, she explained the simplicity of Islam and how the religion dictates the naming of children. She explained that Islam provides specific guidelines on the names that are preferred and those that are not allowed for children. She urged people to take the time to research these guidelines so they can understand them better.

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Ibrahim hamza  (Feb 27) 
Noah and Nuh is the same name. The difference is that one is English pronouciation while the other one is Arabic. It's written in Islamic scripture the name Noah as a prophet ALLAH SWA
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