B-Red and Davido sold 20 TVs from B-Red's father's house to raise funds, as recounted in a video
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Notable singer, B-Red, shared an interesting story during an interview on Echo Room. According to him, he and his cousin, Davido, resorted to selling approximately 20 TVs from B-Red's father's house in order to raise funds for their music careers. B-Red revealed that music executive Don Jazzy had offered to support them if they moved back to Nigeria to pursue their musical aspirations.

Since they were lacking their own funds, B-Red and Davido decided to venture into Davido's father's house to sell various TVs in an attempt to gather enough money. Initially, they had considered selling some cars, but they realized that the cars were not registered under Davido's name.

B-Red expressed his regret for their actions, as he now considers it a form of disrespect towards Davido's father. However, he also mentioned that he is glad they went through with it. B-Red recounted the details, stating that they managed to sell around 16 to 17 TVs, along with 3 TVs from the basement. In total, they sold 20 TVs from Davido's father's house.

Despite the regret and the potential disrespect, B-Red reflected on the experience with mixed emotions. He recalled Don Jazzy's advice, stating, "Don Jazzy told us to come to Nigeria and he would support us after we hosted him for 5 hours."

The attached images provide a glimpse into B-Red's interview, where he shared this intriguing anecdote. Furthermore, a video is included, allowing viewers to listen to B-Red as he recounts their venture into selling TVs from Davido's father's house.

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