Ashmusy declined a N20 million offer to endorse a political candidate
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Social media personality, Ashmusy, has revealed that she was offered a staggering N20 million to endorse a political candidate in the upcoming general elections. However, the popular influencer turned down the offer, citing concerns about jeopardizing the future of her family.

Ashmusy, who is known for her humorous skits, is a vocal supporter of Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi. In a post on her Instastory, the content creator stated that she received the offer from Obi's opponent, but declined it as she did not want to sell her soul to the devil.

According to Ashmusy, Nigerians from all walks of life are currently experiencing significant hardships, and the country requires a competent leader like Peter Obi to turn things around. She stated that accepting the tempting offer would have been a foolish decision, as it would have meant that her children, grandchildren, family, and loved ones would suffer in the country due to her wrong decision to endorse the wrong candidate.

The popular content creator went on to express her hopes that Peter Obi emerges victorious in the upcoming elections, stating that the country needs someone who can do the job and bring about positive change. She also appealed to God to take full control and ensure that the right candidate wins.

In conclusion, Ashmusy lamented the current state of the country, stating that even the wealthy are suffering, and the value of the Naira is rapidly depreciating. She called on everyone to come together and vote for the right candidate, emphasizing that the country needs a competent and capable leader who can bring about positive change.