Anita Okoye honors ex-husband Rudeboy on Father’s Day
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Anita Okoye, estranged wife to veteran singer, Paul Okoye, also known as Rudeboy, celebrates him on Father’s Day in a heartfelt gesture.

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Anita Okoye posted a video on her Instagram story showing the singer and their son engaging in a push-up competition, while she counted their reps and cheered her son on.

Paul Okoye a.k.a Rudeboy

In the caption of the video, Anita Okoye simply wrote: “Happy Father’s Day @iamkingrudy”

Online users praised their ability to co-parent smoothly despite their divorce, noting the lack of animosity between them. The video also sparked a discussion on social media about co-parenting and maintaining a cordial relationship for the sake of the children.

Many users expressed admiration for Anita’s maturity and her willingness to acknowledge Rudeboy’s role as a father, despite their personal differences. Some comments highlighted the positive impact such gestures can have on their children, emphasizing the importance of a peaceful co-parenting relationship.

Others speculated on the potential for reconciliation, while some shared their personal experiences and opinions on co-parenting dynamics. The post served as an example of how ex-couples can continue to support and respect each other’s roles in their children's lives.

Anita Okoye.

Read some reactions below

jesusbaebie stated: “If I’m still goin to be posting my ex husband after a divorce, then I don’t want that divorce!”

director_richards noted: “Co-parenting is a new form of marriage where couple go their separate ways and raise kids together while sharing secret intimacy by choice 🙌🙌🙌”

eziunoramaka stated: “He can be a good father but not a good husband to her….. I love the fact that she still gives him his flowers, she could be a good husband to another.”

queen_zinnyb stated: “Am sure she misses him 🤔”

baddiesonabudget said: “Divorced or not, as long as he is available to play father’s role in his children’s lives. Happy Father’s Day”