Anita Joseph's video of praying with her husband receives mixed reactions
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Actress, Anita Joseph has garnered attention on social media after she shared a video of herself and her husband, Michael Fisayo Olagunju, who is professionally known as MC Fish, praying together on her Instagram account. The video shows the couple worshipping and praying in their home while solemn Christian music played in the background.

Anita, who has been married for three years, not only shared the video with her followers but also advised single individuals to pray not only for a partner but also for one who has a strong prayer life. In her caption, she wrote, “For the Lord has been our shied and buckler 🙋‍♀️When praying for a Life partner also pray for a praying one Shallom 🙏Thank you JESUS 🙏.”

The video has garnered mixed reactions from netizens, with some expressing admiration for the couple while others criticized them for filming and sharing their praying session on social media. One commenter, @foulahvanes, wrote, “If u were that deep in prayers u wouldn’t have filmed it .. waka create content say wona di pray 😂,” while another commenter, @fonchi_vanessa, said, “Hmmm people will set camera 📷 and start praying to create content. must you clout chase with everything?” However, some defended the couple's decision to share their prayer moment on social media, with one commenter, @ebube269, writing, “People film when they are sinning, naked even. So what is wrong with showing us that she prays? THE NAME OF JESUS MUST BE LIFTED HIGH. period.”

The video, which has been widely shared and viewed, has sparked discussions about the appropriateness of sharing private and personal moments on social media, particularly those related to religious practices.

Watch the clip below,