Angela Okorie criticizes Yvonne Jegede for her recent podcast episode
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Actress Angela Okorie strongly condemns her colleague, Yvonne Jegede, for her controversial remarks regarding Queen May Edochie.

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Recently, Yvonne Jegede expressed her support for Yul Edochie's decision to marry his second wife, Judy, on the Honest Bunch podcast, defending him against criticism she deemed unwarranted given Nigerian cultural norms.

However, after facing backlash, Yvonne issued an apology to Queen May for her statements.

Nigerian actress, Yvonne Jegede.

Angela Okorie, however, refuses to accept the apology and openly criticizes Yvonne for her initial comments.

In a scathing response, Angela accuses Yvonne of being senseless and insulting other women's pain, referring to her as a "failed actress with no pedigree" who speaks without thinking. She alleges that Yvonne's remarks on the podcast demonstrate her lack of sensibility and suggests that some Nollywood actresses are accustomed to becoming second wives by snatching other people's husbands, insinuating that Yvonne's perspective is influenced by this behavior. Angela's post concludes with a dismissive tone, urging Yvonne to move aside so she can engage with "human beings" instead.

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