Andrew's close friend reveals late ex-convict status, discusses missing girls
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A close friend of Andrew Ochekwo, Ben Samuel, has spoken out about what his late friend told him regarding the missing girls, Celine Ndudim and Afiba Tandoh.

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The two girls went missing after allegedly meeting Andrew, whom they had connected with on Facebook, in Aba.

In a recent conversation with media personality Daddy Freeze, Ben Samuel shared details about his friendship with Andrew and shed light on the events surrounding the disappearance of the girls.

Ben explained that Andrew was originally born in the United Kingdom and ran a successful business there until he was imprisoned for slapping a woman, which significantly impacted his life.

Andrew and the two missing girls; Celine and Afiba[/figure>

“I am Ben Samuel. I run the news outlet ‘Naija24news’. It is a blog, a website, we have staff and all that. Andrew has been my friend for over 10 years. So, I know him well. We lived in the same community in the UK, and I know quite a bit about him,” Ben stated.

“I often visited him when I was in Nigeria, and anytime I come to Nigeria, I make it a point to see him in Port Harcourt. So, it is quite an unfortunate situation that we are discussing. However, the conspiracy theories and the narratives out there are detracting from the main focus, which is the alleged incident involving the missing girls.”

Ben continued, “…I am calling this alleged until the Nigerian Police come out and speak on this matter. Andrew was adopted and raised in Nigeria. He shared this with me because he often discussed his early years with me.”

Ben’s revelations highlight the complexities and the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Andrew’s life and the mysterious disappearance of Celine Ndudim and Afiba Tandoh, which remains unresolved.

In his conversation with Daddy Freeze, Ben sought to provide a clearer picture of Andrew’s character and background, emphasizing that many aspects of the current narratives are speculative until confirmed by official investigations.