Actress Destiny Etiko shares tearful video about how God delivered her from a strange ailment inflicted by her colleagues
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Actress, Destiny Etiko, has shared a testimony of how she was miraculously healed of a strange ailment. The curvaceous thespian shared the testimony in a video she posted on social media. According to her, she woke up with severe neck pain sometime in January and initially thought it was due to the way she slept. However, the pain persisted and became worse as the day went on, prompting her to visit the hospital. But the doctors found nothing wrong with her.

Destiny believed it was a spiritual attack and had to speak to her pastor for prayers, as well as her mother’s and her friend’s pastors. She noted that, knowing the kind of industry she works in, some people could have wanted to attack her. She also started to pray so fervently that she started to speak in tongues as she begged God to have mercy and heal her of the strange ailment.

Suddenly, she started to feel like cool water had been poured on her, and the pain in her neck and back started to ease up. She said that the experience made her believe more in the power of prayer and the existence of God.

In the video, she said, “3rd week of January, I was badly affected. I can’t understand, I can’t explained. I woke up one morning with so much pain around my neck region. As day went by, it started getting worse. When I went to the hospital they said nothing was wrong with me. Now, I had to speak to my pastor and he prayed for me, my mum’s pastor also prayed and my friend’s pastor. People thought I was fine but only few friends knew.”

She went on to advise her fans and followers to always seek God's protection and guidance and never to underestimate the power of prayer.

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