Actress Adunni Ade unable to find polling unit for upcoming election, expresses distress (video)
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Popular Nollywood actress Adunni Ade has taken to her Instagram page to express her frustration over her inability to locate her polling unit ahead of the 2023 general elections, which will commence on February 25.

Despite using Google Maps and making several efforts, she has been unsuccessful in finding her polling unit. Ade has visited the location INEC directed her to but found that it belongs to a different polling unit. She has called on INEC to help her locate her polling unit, stating that the last three numbers on her card determine the location.

It shouldn’t be this hard! I have done everything I can! Google maps having me run around like a headless chicken all in the name of finding polling unit! No one in this darn area knows where the polling units are! Can somebody? Anybody! Help me locate my EXACT POLLING UNIT! @inecnigeria where is my polling unit??

Note: I have visited the location INEC directed me to but that belongs to a different polling unit. The last 3 numbers on your card determines the location. 019 is idado,020 is Agungi and so on. Inec locator is taking me to Idado. Which is false.” She wrote on Instagram on Friday, February 24.

Watch her speak below,