Blue Aiva and Blaqboi were seen kissing passionately in a video #BBTitans
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

This appears to be a news article about a romantic relationship between two contestants on a show called "Big Brother Titans". 

The article states that Blue Aiva and Blaqboi were seen kissing while others were asleep, and that there had been a confrontation between the two men earlier in the show. It also mentions that fans are speculating about whether Blue Aiva is being insincere in her affections. The article includes a video clip of the kiss.

Also, it appeared that Blue had no choice since Yemi proposed they remain “cordial”.

Last night, Blaqboi and Blue Aiva were, again, spotted sharing a passionate kiss. However, Blue’s laughter at the end of the kiss has got fans of the show wondering if she is “operating” again.

Watch video below;