Free Download Wizkid Made In Lagos Album (Deluxe) | Full Download Made In Lagos Album (Deluxe) by Wizkid

Wizkid – Made In Lagos Album (Deluxe) | Full Album Download
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Made In Lagos Album (Deluxe)
  • Free Download Wizkid Made In Lagos Album (Deluxe) | Full Download Made In Lagos Album (Deluxe) by Wizkid

  • Artist: Wizkid
  • Runtime: 1 hour, 5 minutes, 18 Songs
  • Release Date: August 27, 2021
  • Genre: Afrobeats

Africa's biggest music export, Wizkid has released the Deluxe version of his his 4th (fourth) Studio Album titled "Made In Lagos".

The masterpiece features international acts; H.E.R and Ella Mai, Jamaican artists; Projexx and Damian Marley and fellow Nigerians; Buju, Tems, Starboy Terri, Skepta, and Burna Boy.

The Starboy Label Boss also acknowledged his sound production team and his engineering team; Blaq Jerzee, Sarz, Mutay, and Juls (British Ghanaian) and Dro (American).

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Wizkid Made In Lagos Album (Deluxe) Tracklist





Wizkid (feat. Burna Boy)


Wizkid (feat. Skepta)

Mighty Wine



Wizkid (feat. Damian Marley)


Wizkid (feat. H.E.R)

Piece of Me

Wizkid (feat. Ella Mai)

No Stress


True Love

Wizkid (feat. Tay Iwar & Projexx)

Sweet One



Wizkid (feat. Tems)


Wizkid (feat. Terri)








Wizkid (feat. Buju)



Essence (Remix)

Wizkid (feat. Justin Bieber & Tems)

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Gift badgeGift  (Aug 28) 
Okay guys it has been fixed.
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Gift badgeGift  (Aug 26) 
I'm here for the Deluxe... Fire songs 🔥
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Anuoluwapo  (Aug 27) 
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James  (Aug 27) 
This is not the deluxe version. Admin please work on it
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Anonymous  (Aug 27) 
The admind of this site is wicked how can you edit the old made in Lagos and tag it as delux edition that's fuck
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GiftbadgeGift  (Aug 27) 
Oga it's same songs. Just 4 new songs added to it.
like like  Reply 4178 reply2 like
James  (Aug 27) 
@Gift, we know but they are not arranged together. We prefer playing the songs one after another without going through different file
like like  Reply 4180 reply0 like
Cardinal  (Aug 27) 
This is not the deluxe edition
The admind re-uploaded the old made in Lagos album
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Anoti  (Aug 27) 
Anotitititianoti I go dey dey dey I go dey♨️💚
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Ayoxy  (Aug 27) 

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Prince  (Aug 27) 
I'm deleting the old one yeah
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Anonymous  (Aug 27) 
Machala all the way🙌 Grammy award for this abeg
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Mz  (Aug 26) 
Big Wiz, done it again, magic vibes, big ups starBoyy❤🦅
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Anonymous  (Aug 26) 
I fainted
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Argue with your keyboard  (Aug 26) 
Compare davido or Burna to BigWiz again and lose your parents 😑
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Kennedy badgeKennedy  (Jul 15) 
Still hitting hard till now 🔥🔥
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G. Prince edoho  (Jul 01) 
I really want to be with you my friend wizkid
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sadiq  (May 08) 
wizkid music
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Cedric  (Apr 18) 
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Kayc  (Mar 20) 
Peace of mind🕊
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Yamman  (Nov 23, 2020) 
Machala is good at all time, Good vibes , might .. wine good for me , wizkid speak ghana,🇬🇭.
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Peter Charles  (Nov 18, 2020) 
Rubbish, listen to better time
1 like
Iyaga  (Nov 19, 2020) 
Oga Fem! 🤐 Watin good just admire no dey do favouritism!
like like  Reply 2811 reply6 like
Smasher  (Nov 28, 2020) 
@Iyaga, On point
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BerryNice  (Apr 19) 
@Smasher, make una live this one e no well
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BerryNice  (Apr 19) 
Go sleep wake up again
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Ayoxy  (Aug 27) 
I still dey "wonder" why people no fit love david and wiz❤
like like  Reply 4171 reply1 like
Chosky  (Nov 17, 2020) 
Wizkid I love you
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moha Savage  (Nov 16, 2020) 
I love you wizkid my best guy artist
1 like
Iyaga  (Nov 15, 2020) 
Mad Afro for dark times🔥
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StuDio JimmY  (Nov 11, 2020) 
I no fit use 116mb take download this rubbish... mtchewww
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Anonymous  (Nov 12, 2020) 
U be mumu
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Anonymous  (Nov 16, 2020) 
Wawa like you...U no sabi beta thing🖕🏻🖕🏻
like like  Reply 2743 reply1 like
FelixbadgeFelix  (Nov 18, 2020) 
Talk say u no get sub, i go run am for you. 🤡
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Sammy  (Nov 27, 2020) 
You de madd
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Lol  (Mar 27) 
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Balikisu  (Nov 09, 2020) 
Nice one
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Micheal  (Nov 08, 2020) 
In love with u WizKid ❤❤❤❤
2 like
Truth  (Nov 08, 2020) 
This some white bull****!! Selling off gradually.
2 like
Percy Damian  (Nov 08, 2020) 
Best album of the year 😎
4 like
Truth  (Nov 08, 2020) 
Seriously! Wat of Apollo? Twice as Tall? Stop being sentimental!!!
like like  Reply 2484 reply2 like
S t  (Nov 10, 2020) 
@Truth, Fvck you.....This is the best album....dont be toooo funny
like like  Reply 2495 reply4 like
S t  (Nov 10, 2020) 
@Truth, Fvck you.....This is the best album....dont be toooo funny
like like  Reply 2496 reply0 like
Truth  (Nov 10, 2020) 
@S t, I like wizkid but stop being SENTIMENTAL!!!
like like  Reply 2500 reply3 like
Maasta  (Mar 30) 
@Truth, this the best selling album get it?
like like  Reply 3621 reply0 like
Anonymous  (Nov 06, 2020) 
My favorite 😊⭐️🔥🔥
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ABBEY  (Nov 05, 2020) 
I love this song so much
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Osazee  (Nov 05, 2020) 
Why are people saying the album is not nice?.tbh the album is amazing..kudos to star boy
1 like
Truth  (Nov 08, 2020) 
Data not it! He used to be a pioneer of Afro beat to the world but look at him NOW!
like like  Reply 2485 reply2 like
Kendo  (Nov 05, 2020) 
You too god star boy
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Lanzo  (Nov 04, 2020) 
All time best
1 like
Wizzy bro  (Nov 04, 2020) 
Am madly in love with your songs bro
0 like
Kabiru inusa  (Nov 04, 2020) 
I love you ♥️ Star boy
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jyde  (Nov 03, 2020) 
Nice one
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Smart guy  (Nov 03, 2020) 
Am really enjoy your song special no street 😎❤
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Smart guy  (Nov 03, 2020) 
I like you song star boy
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Kelly  (Nov 02, 2020) 
Wizkid is mad
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Mideloverboi  (Nov 02, 2020) 
I love ur song Wizkid it give mine Joy 🥰🥰🥰
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@kvng Emzyy  (Nov 01, 2020) 
WizKids new albums are killers
Great job nigga ❤
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Nazzy Stephen  (Nov 01, 2020) 
May God keep wizzy baba going for doping this album we have been waiting for so long for this album to drop now is finally out.
And the day any of this songs will be no where to be find in my phone I swear that day will be the end of this small phone that I'm using now I swear wizzy baba always be your boy baba.
5 like
Anonymous  (Oct 31, 2020) 
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Nature Emeka  (Oct 31, 2020) 
Am proud of wizkidAyo,keep it up man
4 like
Ransom  (Oct 31, 2020) 
You guys are here talking to Wizkid hmmmmm....Bros if he pain you go and try your best... bastard...
1 like
Hector  (Oct 31, 2020) 
Baba nla you are good and you still remain the best till when another star born
1 like
Younglife  (Oct 31, 2020) 
Super cool 💓 you
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TDK  (Oct 31, 2020) 
Overhype. U named an album "made in lagos" and u end up giving us only yankee standard. Nothing to show the lag or nigerian creativity. Go learn more from burna bro, cos dis here is just a mid overhyped trash.
5 like
Imo  (Oct 31, 2020) 
U know about music bro. Nice observation
like like  Reply 2393 reply3 like
Amara  (Oct 31, 2020) 
Wow, bitter truth tho
like like  Reply 2394 reply1 like
pwetymimi  (Oct 31, 2020) 
Good observation
like like  Reply 2396 reply1 like
Anonymous  (Oct 31, 2020) 
If you really know about music why don't u create ur own
like like  Reply 2424 reply1 like
Anonymous  (Oct 31, 2020) 
I don't really like wiz kid but dat does not mean u talk shit about him if u know u are not better,don't open your mouth and talk shit
like like  Reply 2425 reply2 like
TDK  (Oct 31, 2020) 
@Anonymous, you be mumu
like like  Reply 2428 reply0 like
TDK  (Oct 31, 2020) 
like like  Reply 2429 reply0 like
Anonymous  (Nov 02, 2020) 
You are a broke ass guy
like like  Reply 2442 reply0 like
Anonymous  (Nov 03, 2020) 
@Anonymous, mumu
like like  Reply 2448 reply0 like
Anonymous  (Nov 03, 2020) 
@Anonymous, mumu³
like like  Reply 2449 reply0 like
E  (Nov 07, 2020) 
Because he named it Made in Lagos doesn't mean he has to use Nigerian creativity according to your words. Besides he doesn't need to learn from burna boy cause he is way better than him
like like  Reply 2474 reply1 like
Truth  (Nov 08, 2020) 
He's chasing the Grammy to the point he has lost direction! I'm not sure he remembers wat d is goal was. Afro beat to the world! It pains me, the upcomers don dey beat am hands down!
like like  Reply 2486 reply0 like
Truth  (Nov 08, 2020) 
Den wats d whole point of it if not to show appreciation or criticism?
like like  Reply 2487 reply0 like
Truth  (Nov 08, 2020) 
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I am great  (Nov 11, 2020) 
Werey!!!!! You're just saying nonsense no cap ...... The album does not sound like something made in Lagos...... Cause in Lagos we expect vibe and wizkid gave us nothing like that..... How will you name and album M.I.L and yet you featured mostly foreigners...... The more reason he feature burna is because burna is international not Because he's a nigerian .... See alaye jazz up jare and stop yarning dust
like like  Reply 2502 reply0 like
Ibb  (Apr 25) 
You be mad man
like like  Reply 3768 reply0 like
Maxwell22  (Oct 31, 2020) 
We love it Star boy
2 like
Emmanuel  (Oct 31, 2020) 
Mad album cover ever
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