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What Have We Done EP
  • Artist: Omah Lay
  • Runtime: 14 minutes, 5 Songs
  • Release Date: November 20, 2020
  • Genre: Afrobeats

On What Have We Done, silky-voiced Omah Lay layers his rhythmic expressions with candid observations. 

His follow-up to sensual EP debut Get Layd finds him pondering newfound fame and fortune (“Can’t Relate” and “Godly”) while revealing inner secrets on “Confession”. Coupled with a duet with 6LACK on “Damn”, these tracks crystallize the thoughts of a maturing artist on the rise.


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Omah Lay What Have We Done EP Tracklist


My Bebe

Omah Lay

Can't Relate

Omah Lay


Omah Lay


Omah Lay

Damn (Remix)

Omah Lay (feat. 6LACK)

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Gift badgeGift  (5 days ago) 
The Zip File is now available.
For those complaining about the Zip file, seems you want us to stop zipping Albums. You can go and buy the full Album yourself.
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Emcee  (Yesterday) 
Godly is on another level walai
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Dave o  (Yesterday) 
Wow dis guy is sweet ❣️❣️
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M I C K E Y  (3 days ago) 
This "Boy xander" is good,I give him that
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jewizzy  (3 days ago) 
ma pain killer
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DANIELY H.KALAWILA  (3 days ago) 
Don't have anything to talk,That's mean your Marvelous..😈😈
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Dave o  (Yesterday) 
Indeed he is
like like  Reply 2927 reply0 like
KC  (3 days ago) 
Keep zipping it... Keep adding the new guys.
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Charlie  (4 days ago) 
I like the boy xander song - for you, not bad at all tbh if it wasn't added to the EP i might have never downloaded or listened to it..
1 like
Shina Vicky  (4 days ago) 
So lovely Omah Lay
0 like
Brytex  (4 days ago) 
Let's be mature here.... This adding of a thing is not nice. Upload the song on it's own pls. Thank you.
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Dj Bolt  (4 days ago) 
JUSTNAIJA please make una no vex, keep zipping the files for we the DJ's, whoever is complaining should go and download elsewhere.

I love your site so much.
9 like
Anonymous  (4 days ago) 
This album they carry me go far.Bless up OMa lay u killed it bro
3 like
Excellent Prince  (4 days ago) 
You guys are good to go
Am an upcoming artist I need your supost
4 like
Excellent Prince  (4 days ago) 
Nice one for omah lay
2 like
Yome  (4 days ago) 
You guys can complian, on top free Ep your downloading your vex about boy xender songs that was added and the songs make sense
1 like
J  (3 days ago) 
Other previous zips I downloaded,, they added it. Why adding it again
like like  Reply 2894 reply0 like
Perez  (2 days ago) 
@J, are you for real??? You like free things abi? You go soon purge.
like like  Reply 2911 reply0 like
Fella  (4 days ago) 
1 like
Anonymous  (4 days ago) 
jah bless you effort
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Sultan A Lawal  (4 days ago) 
Apple 🍎 🍎 song
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Skywalker  (4 days ago) 
Make I unzip diz song mbok
1 like
Fritz  (4 days ago) 
Omah lay ❤️❤️
0 like
Chester  (4 days ago) 
Rock on omah lay.💥
0 like
Costa  (4 days ago) 
You downloaded something for free and you're still complaining?
2 like
Zen  (5 days ago) 
All of una wey dey complain about added songs, una papa. Una pay for the EP ni?
11 like
Chrisrobor  (4 days ago) 
I just tire for dem
like like  Reply 2852 reply1 like
Bellogo  (4 days ago) 
@Chrisrobor, Nigerians sha...
like like  Reply 2888 reply1 like
Anonymous  (5 days ago) 
wtf is boy xanders song doing there's it's trashhhhhh
3 like
Anon  (4 days ago) 
STFU, go buy d EP na.
like like  Reply 2855 reply1 like
Last born  (4 days ago) 
I really don't see it as trash. He's a struggling guy and i hope he makes it.
like like  Reply 2860 reply0 like
Yome  (4 days ago) 
Boy Xander is good I hope he blows
like like  Reply 2870 reply0 like
Kelvin  (5 days ago) 
Stop adding songs to it or I'll switch to another page
3 like
Anon  (4 days ago) 
Wait, u think say na only u dey download fr here, switch na and STFU. if you don't want any added songs then go fvckn buy d EP.
like like  Reply 2856 reply1 like
Kyoung  (4 days ago) 
You need to garaot
like like  Reply 2865 reply0 like
Anonymous  (4 days ago) 
@Anon guy u don't have manner of approach ,
like like  Reply 2878 reply0 like
Worldbest  (4 days ago) 
Guy u have manner of approach
like like  Reply 2879 reply0 like
Anonymous  (5 days ago) 
This zip is mixed with upcoming artists songs,why???
1 like
Anon  (4 days ago) 
YOU: why?
ANS: Zedd
like like  Reply 2857 reply0 like
Anonymous 2  (2 days ago) 
@Anon, you're foolish....
like like  Reply 2915 reply0 like
Anonymous  (5 days ago) 
Y all are mad,you guys are adding people’s song to the zip,justnaija wan dey do mumu thing

Mixing peoples song with omah lay ep,is it by force to stream your promoted song???
0 like
Anon  (4 days ago) 
No b by force to listen to d song na, u fit delete am if u no like am. wetin b ur issue, go buy d EP na.
like like  Reply 2859 reply0 like
Champ  (5 days ago) 
You guys should please stop add other songs we don't want in a zip file, Na person data dey go, haba. Two for that matter, nawa oo
2 like
Hector  (5 days ago) 
Omah lay always got the 💥💥
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rashkidofficial  (5 days ago) 
Drop link
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